Days 13-17

Days 13-17

My part in the building of the new barn is finally over.  There are a few doors and a couple windows to install, but it looks like the barn will be move-in ready by next weekend or shortly thereafter.  For past crimes against pigs, I have logged over 150 hours of service to the porcine community, and, as a bonus, my six friends will have a new home. 

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  1. So Michael… how will u get the little piggies to the barn? I hope u have a celebration with them! Just in time for the holiday season! They will miss u. Will u visit? Amazing job…lucky little piggies that they found their way to u!

    1. Hi Vivian! Peace Ridge is going to come and get the pigs. Not sure when exactly but soon. I definitely will visit. It’s an interesting place. When my pigs arrive I think they’ll have about 50 pigs in their care. Coming to RI for Thanksgiving…

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