A Plan, Loosely Formed

A Plan, Loosely Formed

Through several email conversations with Peace Ridge Sanctuary, I have a rough plan to form a fundraising campaign for my six pigs.  Since the pig barn at Peace Ridge is full, we would need to build a new structure which would house the sanctuary’s group of smaller pot-bellied pigs, and my six would live in the existing barn with the larger farm pigs.  The new barn would be large enough to accept additional pigs acquired through state cruelty cases.  After barn-building, the second fundraising focus would be to provide for my pigs’ long-term care.  Peace Ridge typically uses a monthly or yearly sponsorship for relinquished pigs such as mine. but my hope is to send them off with as much up front money as possible and to turn to sponsorships if necessary.

GoFundMe seems to be the best platform for this kind of fundraising.  In the language of GoFundMe, I would be the campaign manager and Peace Ridge would be the beneficiary.  Though making this a Certified Charitable Campaign would guarantee the tax-deductibility of any contributions, I would be limited to accepting funds from the United States, and there would be a 5% platform fee deducted from each contribution.  My inclination is to cast as wide a net as possible for raising such a sum of money and to incur as small a fee as possible.


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