A few weeks ago my pigs had access to a few acres of bare, root-able, snuffle-able ground.  Since then we have received over 30″ of snow thanks to a series of Nor’Easters, vivid reminders that late March in Maine can be full-on, full-blast winter.  My pigs are not impressed.  Deep snow and short legs aren’t friends.  My plans of relocating them into the grove of oak trees has been tabled until further notice; it’s going to be some time before the accumulated snow melts enough to install the low strand of electric fence that keeps them from wandering to visit the neighbors.  But they’re ok.  Just a little disappointed and weary like the rest of us.

On the fundraising front, we’ve topped the $2000 mark.  There was a donation last week for $61, an odd number for a donation.  I realized, though, that this woman’s $61 had brought the total to exactly $2000.  Just when the persistence of winter was lowering my spirits, along comes a strategic, thoughtful, spirit-boosting donation from a complete stranger.

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  1. Hi Michael, We’re very impressed with the project you have undertaken. It’s simply marvelous. Anne is wondering if you’ve read “the good good pig” written by Sy Montgomery? She enjoyed reading it very much and thought you might like it too. Keep up the good work! Best wishes to the family.

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