Industrious Pigs

Industrious Pigs

As soon as there’s daylight, my pigs are out there working the soil.  On a Sunday morning such as this one with a 5am temperature in the mid-20’s, one would think that they’d choose to sleep in.  (Like the rest of my family.)  Perhaps, after a long, cold and snowy winter, they’re making up for lost time.  Yesterday, I dumped five wheelbarrow loads of garden weeds into their enclosure; the pigs consumed it all with enthusiasm.  They quickly devour anything green at a time of year when green things are scarce.  The transition to spring in Maine can be painfully slow, and this one is unfolding at a glacial pace.  We’re all ready, people and pigs, for things to start growing again.  Tomorrow’s forecast, however, a wintry mix of snow and ice with wind gusts of over 40mph, doesn’t sound promising.

My fundraising effort stands at $2840.  Perhaps this summer I’ll have to ramp up the publicity.



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  1. Ramp up the publicity? No doubt. How about you contact that TV or radio guy that wanted to do a story on you. Get in touch with some of your friends that are media savvy. Get in touch with NPR, get an interview. Get some local press coverage. Talk to your friend, can’t remember his name, author TV personality about giving you more press. Be creative. Good luck.

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